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petrol and diesel prices unchanged today: Petrol in Mumbai goes up to Rs 120; Petroleum companies take decision on fuel price hike – petrol price today diesel price today 7th April 2022 fuel price unchanged on thursday MIGMG News


Mumbai: Petrol prices in Mumbai have crossed Rs 120 a liter due to 14 fuel price hikes by petroleum companies. This is the highest price of petrol to date. Meanwhile, companies have taken a break today after raising prices 14 times. Fuel prices in major metros across the country remained unchanged on Thursday.

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The price of a liter of petrol in Mumbai today is Rs 120.51. In Delhi, petrol costs Rs 105.41. In Kolkata, a liter of petrol costs Rs 115.08 while in Chennai it costs Rs 110.89.

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Diesel rates in Mumbai have never crossed the 100 mark. Today, a liter of diesel costs Rs 104.77. In Delhi, diesel has gone up by Rs 96.67. Today, the price of diesel in Chennai is Rs 100.98 per liter and in Kolkata it is Rs 99.82.

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Brent crude traded higher at २ 102.39 on Thursday. It grew by 1.3 per cent. It had fallen 5 per cent on Wednesday. US WTI crude is trading at 97.41. The prospect of a settlement to the war between Russia and Ukraine is uncertain. So once again the price of crude oil is rising. Three weeks ago, the world price of crude oil had risen to १३ 139.

CNG prices up in Delhi
The war in Russia and Ukraine has led to a huge increase in the price of natural gas globally. Consumers are now feeling the effects of the hike. CNG prices rose sharply in Delhi on Thursday. In Delhi, the price of CNG has gone up by Rs 2.50 per kg. CNG has risen by Rs 9.10 in the last six days.
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