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Plot Grabbed | He grabbed the empty plot by force, forged the birth certificate, the arrested vegetable seller from Kalamna was also granted bail MIGMG News

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Nagpur. The case of usurpation of vacant plots with the help of fake registry is current for many years under Khadkeshwar police station. Even after receiving the complaint about the whole matter, the city police commissioner Amitesh Kumar himself had to give instructions for an inquiry as soon as the questionable functioning of the policemen and police personnel came to light. The names of the accused were said as New Subhedar, Hudkeshwar resident Vinod Premchand Lokhande and Ashok Shankar Nitanware. Lokhande is a vegetable seller in Kalamna Mandi. The police arrested him and produced him in court and asked for his remand until March 1 for questioning. However, the court sent Vinod to judicial custody and later granted him bail.

what’s the problem

A case was registered on the complaint of Jawaharnagar resident Durga Prasad Ramkripal Chubey. He took a plot from Chandu Satpute, owner of Shivshakti Housing Society, in the layout built at Gajanananagar, Pipla Road. After payment of installments since 1988, on July 21, 1999, a scribe and possession was made. From 2001 to 2007, Chubey also paid all taxes to the Municipal Corporation. On February 7, 2023, he received a call from another plot holder that after removing the board on his plot, Lokhande had put up a board in his name. The plot is also put up for sale. When he spoke to Lokhande on the number written on the board, he asserted his claim over the plot and claimed to be the registry. However, the registry refused to show. Chubey complained to the Hudkeshwar police on February 11. Chubey showed his original register and Lokhande showed him the register with numbers 2,569 (Chha) saying that he had bought the plot from Ashok Nitanware. It was learned from the registry office in Malginagar that the registry of this number is on Plot 23 of Kasra no. 64/2,3,5,7 at Renuka Vihar, which is in the name of one Jaya Rajendra Mankar. In this way, after Lokhande’s register was found to be fake, the Khadkeshwar police registered an FIR on the orders of the police commissioner.

Suspicious role of Khadkeshwar police

In this episode, it is revealed how the gang occupying the vacant lot is in cahoots with the police. Even after the complainant Chubey filed a written report on February 12, the police station did not take him seriously. After stumbling a lot, one day I got a call from the police station. When he reached the police station, Lokhande was sitting in the P.I.’s room. Sanj with two of his companions. The name of one of the two criminally inclined youths is said to be Sanjay Hiranwar and the other is called Gaur. Sagne detained the complainant and asked him what is the date of your register. When Chowbey told the date, Sagne ruled that Lokhande’s registry was old, so it was not a crime. Now nothing can happen, go away.

Lokhande’s registry turned out to be fake

In this matter, Choubey himself went to the extent of locating the register of Lokhande. His registry turned out to be fake. Taking his official document, he showed it to Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar. Then the CP ordered DCP Sagar and Inspector Sagne to investigate the matter in depth. Lokhande told the police that he bought the plot from a person named Ashok Nitanware. Lokhande does not even know Nithanvare’s number and address after his arrest. Now the question arises that there is no such person named Nitanvare. The police named Nitnavare as an accused but made no effort to arrest him. Even the police did not try to find Banayat. This creation tried to capture the plot of Chubey 6 months ago. After seeing the documents, Banayat gave up possession. The CP said that action should be taken against Baniat as well, but Khadkeshwar did not even make him an accused. Criminals Hiranwar and Gaur, who threatened the police station, were also not charged here. The CP has now pulled the police officers over the matter and ordered a fresh probe.

Threat on behalf of DBA official

Due to collusion with some people in Khadkeshwar police station, Lokhande’s spirit is very high. After P.I. Lokhande also took the name of a senior DBA official and said that he was his lawyer and would take care of everything. Khadkeshwar police continued to watch as mute spectators. When Lokhande was produced in court on Friday, the police did not even tell the judge that the register shown by Lokhande was completely fake. The police and the public prosecutor remained silent spectators in the whole matter. Due to which the plot mafias in the city have high morale.

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