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Police action in Zaman Park, many workers arrested – News from the public MIGMG News

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Lahore: Soon after PTI Chairman and former Prime Minister Imran Khan left for Islamabad, police launched an operation towards Zaman Park in Lahore, many workers were arrested.

According to the details, a large police force reached the Zaman Park, and the police also demolished several tents of the activists of the Pakistan Tehreek Ansa, and the internet service was also interrupted in the area.

A police van carrying prisoners and a water cannon have also been brought to Canal Road, while cranes have also been brought to Zaman Park.

Police said activists are present in camps near the Zaman Park ground and Imran Khan’s residence.

In the provincial capital Lahore, the Mall Road underpass has been closed by placing containers and barriers, while routes to Dharmapura, Railway Gate and Garhi Shahu have also been closed.
Apart from this, Mayo Garden, Upper Mall and other underpasses have also been closed and a heavy police force has been deployed on the blocked routes and barbed wire has been installed on the blocked routes in Lahore.

PTI workers are still present in Zaman Park, while police have placed containers around Zaman Park to allegedly prevent Imran Khan and leaders from returning to Zaman Park.

It should be noted that Imran Khan left for Islamabad today at 8 am from his Zaman Park residence to appear in the Tosha Khanna case, but he will welcome the party president.

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