Prices of motorbike’s spare parts up by Rs100 to Rs250 MIGMG News



Different companies have raised the prices of spare parts of a motorbike by Rs100 to Rs250, reported 24NewsHD TV channel on Saturday.

The price of a headlight ring, after an increase by Rs150, has now reached Rs950; that of a wind mirror, after an increase by Rs250, has now reached Rs1,000.

Similarly, the price of a front mudguard now stands at Rs1, 430 after an increase by Rs150; that of alloy rim of a 70cc motorcycle has reached Rs1,350 after a hike by Rs200.

Likewise, a switch cut is now available in the market at Rs1,000 after an increase by Rs100.

Similarly, the rates of different types of digital meters and lights have also gone up by Rs100 to Rs250.

Reporter: Shehzad Khan Abdali



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