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Prime minister narendra modi wrote a letter to parbhani one year old girl ojasvi MIGMG News

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Parbhani: The Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi, took time out of his busy schedule to write a letter to a one-year-old girl from Gangakhed, Parbhani, and wished her a happy birthday. Because of this, the girl’s family is also happy with Gaganath Mavenasa. Ojaswi Gopal Mantri is the name of the girl who was wished by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on her birthday. (Prime Minister Narendra Modi wrote a letter to Parbhani’s one year old daughter Ojasvi)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a very busy schedule, but very few people know that whenever he gets a chance, he takes out his time to answer people’s letters. They are also popular among school students. Through the Mann Ki Baat program, he always interacts with the students on topics like exams, studies, scientific approach etc. A letter from Prime Minister Modi has been received by Ojaswi Gopal Mantri, a one-year-old child living in Gangakhed in Parbhani district. In which the joy of the minister’s family has skyrocketed after receiving greetings directly from the Prime Minister on the occasion of ‘Ojaswi”s birthday.

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Kumari Ojaswi, daughter of Gopal Mantri and his wife Abhilasha, a co-teacher of Saraswati Vidyalaya, residing at Venkatesh Nagar in Gangakhed city, celebrated her first birthday on 17 September 2022. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday was also on September 17. Accordingly, Minister Gopal directly contacted the Prime Minister’s Office and requested to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and give his blessings. But it was rejected due to security reasons.

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The letter itself is the talk of the town

But the Prime Minister himself took note of a simple request of a common citizen and sent his personal greeting message to the minister’s family through speed post. This letter was widely discussed in the whole city. Because for the first time in Parbhani district, it is definitely a matter of pride for a girl to receive birthday wishes directly from the Prime Minister of the country.

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