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Punjab Elections and KPK, PML-N, PPP and JUIF withdraw full petition from Supreme Court MIGMG News

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Punjab Elections and KPK, PML-N, PPP and JUIF…

Islamabad (Daily Pakistani Online) Farooq H.

There was a self-notice hearing in the Supreme Court on the issue of elections in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, during which Farooq H. Naik made arguments and said that the political parties have jointly directed that the full court petition not be pursued. which has been formed should hear the petition.

The lawyer of the election commission gave arguments and said that the election commission must work according to the constitution. The Election Commission can give three types of dates, we have been doing that since the first day, the date should be announced by the governor. The head of justice noted that the Prime Minister’s advice to dissolve the Parliament has its effect. Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar said that he still stands in this position till today? The lawyer said that we have written to the governor for a date for elections from April 9 to 13. The chief justice said that the governor is giving the date with his eyes closed. Or through consultation? What does the governor know about the schedule of the Election Commission? Did the governor call you for consultation or not? Bar Election Commission said no need for Governor to consult Election Commission Justice Jamal Mandukhel said it is the responsibility of the Governor Whether the assembly should be dissolved or not Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar observed that the governor is saying that if the assembly is not dissolved then Why to give it, the lawyer Electoral Commission said that the dates were proposed to the governor keeping in mind the schedule.

The Chief Justice said the governor had summoned the Electoral Commission for consultation. The lawyer said the governor called him for consultation. Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar said the governor filed an intra-judicial appeal instead of consultation. the lawyer said that the election commission met the governor on court orders, a reminder letter was also written to the KPK governor, Chief Justice Umar Atta Bandyal noted that the Peshawar High Court also noted. Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar said that all institutions are obliged to help the Election Commission during the elections. The Bar Election Commission said that the KPK governor did not give a date for the consultation. it will be settled by consulting with other institutions. Judge Muhammad Ali Mazhar said: “Why is the Election Commission running away from consultation?” Why did you file an in-court appeal? The Electoral Commission said that the inter-judicial appeal was filed for legal reasons.

The chief justice asked if you need a court order to consult the governor, can’t the Election Commission go to the governor on its own, the lawyer said there are some obstacles that have been told to the court, Justice Jamal Mandukel said. you must consult, do the right thing, the lawyer of the Electoral Commission finished the arguments.


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