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Punjab IG says police showed ‘restraint to avoid loss of life’ during operation to arrest Imran – Pakistan MIGMG News

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Migmg news

Punjab Inspector General Dr Usman Anwar on Thursday said his forces had shown “restraint to avoid loss of life” during the operation to arrest PTI chief Imran Khan. Ah, news reported.

Speaking to reporters along with Punjab’s caretaker information minister Amir Mir said the law will take its course on the issue of Imran Khan’s case.

“Tomorrow we will plead before the High Court to allow us to execute the order,” he said.

He alleged that PTI workers were trying to turn Zaman Park into a “no-go area”.

Punjab IG revealed that more than 60 policemen were injured due to attacks by PTI workers.

He said all the police officers were without weapons when they raided to arrest Imran Khan.

The police chief also revealed that the persons involved in the killing of PTI political worker Ali Bilal, alias Zile Shah, had also confessed in court, adding that further details in this regard would be shared later in the day.

Speaking on the occasion, Punjab’s caretaker information minister Amir Mir said that the order to arrest Imran Khan “will be implemented within hours” after the LHC gives them the go-ahead in this regard tomorrow.

He claimed that KP militants were also hiding in Imran Khan’s residence and were involved in attacks on police forces.

Meanwhile, the Punjab police chief reiterated that his force had shown restraint as they were not “interested in launching an operation” and were only trying to implement court orders.


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