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Rahul Gandhi | Rahul Gandhi clarified his statement – I am not ‘anti-national’, I just made my point about Indian democracy MIGMG News

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Photo – ANI

New Delhi. According to a big news, in the meeting of the committee of the Ministry of External Affairs, now Congress leader Rahul Gandhi himself has given a clarification about his statement made in Britain. Regarding this, he said, “My statement was not about any country or government at all.”

Along with this, Rahul said, “My statement was about only one person. In what I have said about Indian democracy, I have not at all asked any other country to interfere in the affairs of India.

After all, according to the reports received on this issue, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs convened a meeting of the parliamentary consultative committee last Saturday. At the same time, during this meeting, Rahul Gandhi made these statements. Rahul also said, “I only raised the issue of Indian democracy in London and I cannot be called anti-national for that. I believe this is India’s internal issue and we will resolve it.”

It is worth mentioning that a few days ago, Rahul Gandhi lashed out at the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his speech at the Association of Indian Journalists program in London. Here he gave a speech to about 1500 overseas Indians.

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