raj thackeray: Seeing the cameras in a line of media, Raj Thackeray said, Australia had fielded like this! – raj thackeray mns melava rangsharada sabhagruha bandra over mahapalika election 2022 MIGMG News



Mumbai: A meeting of office bearers and activists was held in the presence of MNS president Raj Thackeray. At this time Raj Thackeray took the school of office bearers. Only the official spokesperson of the party will take the side of the party on social media, don’t do business without the rest, said Raj. Earlier, as soon as Raj arrived outside the hall, the media cameras were ready to capture his image. But today, media cameramen and photographers took pictures and visuals of Raj Thackeray in a row without wearing garlands. Raj Thackeray was also overwhelmed to see the cameraman and journalists disciplined. He made a mischievous comment that Australia had fielded similarly.

A gathering of MNS office bearers and activists was held at Rangsharda Hall, Bandra, Mumbai. MNS president Raj Thackeray addressed the gathering. He took the school of office bearers in the face of municipal elections. No one will play a role on social media. Only the official spokesperson of the party will present the role of the party on social media. Raj Thackeray said that others should not talk about the role of the party anywhere.

Earlier, Raj Thackeray’s Rangsharda arrived outside the hall at around 4 pm. He was accompanied by MNS leader Bala Nandgaonkar. As soon as Raj Thackeray got out of the car, he saw a line of cameras. Raj Thackeray made a mischievous comment after seeing the disciplined cameras. Raj Thackeray said that such fielding was to be done by the Australian team. Bala Nandgaonkar also laughed heartily after hearing Raj Thackeray’s mischievous comment. Also, looking at the media that is constantly chasing you, do you want to take photos of my toes? Even so, Raj Thackeray asked.

Responsibility to office bearers on the background of municipal elections – Bala Nandgaonkar

The meeting held today was for the office bearers. A statewide tour of the All Leaders Congregation will begin soon. The General Secretary and Vice President will be touring the state. Members will be registered all over the state while the tour is going on in the state ‘, informed Bala Nandgaonkar after the meeting.

“Raj Thackeray is going to give a letter as announced in Pune meeting. That letter will be delivered by every worker from house to house. This letter is in Marathi, Hindi and English. This letter has been prepared. It will be given to the workers soon. A meeting will be held soon and the responsibility will be given to the office bearers, “he said.



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