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Raj Thackeray’s speech live: Muslim office bearers in MNS are embarrassed due to Raj Thackeray’s speech, instructions to remain calm – due to raj tha Thackeray speech MIGMG News


Ahmednagar: Maharashtra Navnirman Sena has had many Muslim activists in the party since its inception and they have been given posts in various places. However, Manas president Raj Thackeray’s speech at the Gudipadva meet has left him in a quandary. He has been instructed by the party to remain calm so as not to escalate the dispute. On the other hand, he is also under pressure from the society. After discussing with some office bearers, it was found that he had a challenge to sustain both the party and the society.

When Raj Thackeray founded the MNS, the Muslim community, which is usually not visible to the Shiv Sena, was associated with him. At that time, the role of MNS towards Muslims was different from the role of Shiv Sena at that time. So it was convenient for Muslims to go to MNS.

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Now, however, the role of MNS has changed. It is believed that Thackeray has directly targeted the Muslim community by raising the issue of Ajan’s trumpets at the Gudipadva rally. Some office bearers have resigned due to disagreement over this role. It also includes Muslim office bearers.

When contacted, an official said, “We are in a quandary. It is true. We remained loyal to Thackeray for so many years. Great work erected. Extended the party. Our contact grew too. In all societies, we are respected as MNS office bearers. But now people are looking at us differently. It has been suggested that the Muslim community should leave the party, while other communities are also considering the role. We want both society and party. Neither will be offended. In such a situation, we are in a dilemma. We also think that Thackeray did not want to say that. I am upset about that. However, party leaders have instructed to remain calm for some time. Moreover, if this is expressed, there will be difficulties in the party, as can be seen from some examples. So obviously nothing will play a role. We will wait for Thackeray’s second meeting, said the office bearer.

Wasim Raje, former mayor of Parner, said, “I have been in the party since its inception. He did a good job under the leadership of President Thackeray and leader Bala Nandgaonkar. During the Nagar Panchayat elections, I had to step down for political reasons. However, I remain with the party. At the moment, there is no thought of leaving the party. Our leaders have instructed us to remain calm. So there is not much to talk about, ‘said Wasim Raje.

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