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Ramez Raja wants to present something new in a series of four countries MIGMG News


The Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board, Ramez Raja, said he is introducing something new to the world of cricket with the concept of a four-nation chain.

The official proposal for the T20 series, which includes Pakistan, England, Australia and India, will be presented at the International Cricket Council (ICC) meeting in Dubai.

While speaking to Indian Express, the former Pakistan captain asked why fans aren’t enjoying the India-Pakistan matches?

“I just hope we look at this concept as a cricket concept and not as a political concept,” he said.

When I talk about India and Pakistan, I don’t always talk about the cricket board presidency. But the cricketer is the one who gets out. As a cricketer, I will say that politics can be put aside, so why not enjoy the India-Pakistan matches.”

According to him, cricket has not introduced anything new since the 2007 event and this might be an opportunity.

“The last great idea was the T20 World Cup, which was held in 2007,” he said. “So nothing new has come since the 2007 event, and this is an opportunity. This thing happens in rugby, so we have a precedent.”

Moreover, he said that this might be the best opportunity to make it happen as former cricketers – Surav Ganguly (India), Raja (Pakistan) and Martin Sneden (New Zealand) represent the boards.

“We have to make it happen,” he said. “And if not now, when? Because there are three former cricketers representing the board. And I am not taking this forward in my capacity as PCB Chairman, I am working to push the concept forward as a member of the ICC board.”

Some key details of the four-nation chain

It is proposed that the four nations host the series each year, with Pakistan being the first country to stage the inaugural edition of the four-nation tournament.

Furthermore, proceeds from the sale of tickets and broadcast rights will be distributed equally among all four boards.

The idea was first revealed by Raja in an interview with Code Sports Australia. “I have a good mind to suggest a Six Nations-style rugby series similar to the cricket series, a T20I series outside of FTP [Future Tours Programme] Australia, England, India and Pakistan can play with four teams.”

This development is being considered to revive bilateral relations in cricket between Pakistan and India, which last played the series in 2012/2013.

The arch rivals were prevented from playing doubles cricket due to the deteriorating political situation.

During the Sethi star system, both cricket boards planned to play six sets during the 2015-23 cycle but that did not happen.

They have only met during the ICC and ACC tournaments since 2013. Their last meeting came during the recently concluded ICC T20 World Cup in Dubai.


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