Rape On Girlfriend: Shocking! 15-year-old girlfriend murdered by torture; Boyfriend arrested – boyfriend has been arrested in connection with the rape and murder of his 15 year old girlfriend MIGMG News



Nagpur:A 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death by her boyfriend. The shocking incident took place at around 3 am on Wednesday in the forest at Salva in Maudya. In this case, the Mouda police arrested the killer’s lover by filing various charges including torture and murder. The name of the arrested lover is Dheeraj Suresh Shende (age 19, Bhamewada). (boyfriend has been arrested in connection with the rape and murder)

The dead girl was studying in 10th class. Six months ago, patience dragged her into a love trap. On Tuesday morning the girl went to teaching class. Meanwhile, patience reached her. He took her to the forest of Salva. There she was tortured. ‘You have a love affair with another young man,’ said Dheeraj arguing with her. The argument went awry. He cut the girl’s throat with a knife. The girl died.

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Patience returned home after this shocking act. Meanwhile, the girl did not return home and her relatives started searching for her. She was not found. Relatives learned that she had gone patiently. The relatives reached Mouda police station and lodged a complaint. Senior Inspector of Police Hemant Kumar Kharabe, Assistant Inspector Satish Sonekar, Sub-Inspectors Arvind Mohod, Thakur, Yangalwar and Sanjay searched and caught Dheeraj.

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Police asked Dheeraj about the girl. He told police he killed the girl he was interrogating. The police took him to the forest. The girl’s body was found. After conducting a post-mortem, the police sent the body to the hospital for further investigation. Dheeraj was arrested on a charge of murder.

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Police summoned Dheeraj to court on Thursday. The court remanded him in police custody for ten days.



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