salman khan: Video: Salman Khan cried in the presence of hundreds of people, Sunil Shetty’s son hugged him without staying – salman khan broke into tears recalled how suniel shetty gifted him expensive shirt MIGMG News



Mumbai: The most popular awards ceremony in Bollywood was celebrated in Abu Dhabi a few days ago. The awards ceremony will soon be telecast on Colors Channel on June 25. Several promos of the awards ceremony have been shared on social media. One of these promos is going to make Salman’s fans very emotional.

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What’s in the video

This video is from the IIFA Awards Ceremony. It shows Salman talking. Salman says, ‘A few years ago I didn’t have much money. Then I went to Sunil Shetty, Anna’s shop. Very expensive items were there. I liked a shirt and jeans in the shop but buying both was out of my budget. So I just picked up the jeans. Sunil was watching all this. Sunil realized that I didn’t have any money. ‘ Salman got very emotional while saying this. There were tears in his eyes as he spoke.

Ahan Shetty hugs Salman

Salman further said, “After that Sunil gave me a shirt as a gift.” While saying this, Salman had come from a very deep place. While talking, he came to where Sunil’s son Ahan Shetty was sitting. Ahan hugged Salman, there were tears in Salman’s eyes at that time. After that Salman further said, ‘After that Sunil took me to his house. When he got there, he gave me the wallet I loved. ‘ After Salman’s speech, everyone present at the event applauded loudly.

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