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Schedule, Dibrugarh-Lalgarh train route has been changed due to maintenance work. Details here MIGMG News

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Indian Railways has announced a major change in train routes to the northeastern states. The trains departing from Dibrugarh will now operate on routes that have diverted due to maintenance work at Bareilly-Bareilly Cantt station of Moradabad-Shahjahanpur division. As a result of this, train services operating between Dibrugarh-Lalgarh will be affected. This is the changed schedule and the route converted.

Train number 15909, Dibrugarh-Lalgarh, will depart on 8 April and will operate via Shahjahanpur-Pilibhit-Bareilly Road.

Train No. 15910, Lalgarh – will depart Dibrugarh from Lalgarh on 9th April, 300 minutes late from its scheduled time i.e. 00.50 (on 10th April 2022) instead of 19.50.

This isn’t the first time the train schedule has been changed. Earlier, the 19665 train, Khajuraho – Udaipur City Express, departed from Agra Cantt station on April 8 instead of the original Khajuraho departure station.

Last month, the railways resumed providing bedding rolls for passengers traveling in air-conditioned buses. As a precaution against the spread of the virus, the service has been suspended since the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic in March 2020.

However, with the number of new COVID-19 cases declining, services have resumed and will soon be available on all trains. Air conditioning bus passengers will be given a pillow, blanket, double bed sheets and a towel all wrapped in an airtight cover.

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