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Second day survey at Gyan Vapi Mosque, strict security arrangements outside MIGMG News


The ground floor and western wall of the Gyan Vapi Mosque were surveyed yesterday. On leaving the mosque premises, Jatinder Singh, head of Vishu Vedic Sanatan Singh, said that what is being found here is more than imagined.

Gyan Vapi Mosque in Varanasi / Photo by IANS
Gyan Vapi Mosque in Varanasi / Photo by IANS

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Varanasi: Amid tight security at the Gyan Vapi Mosque in Varanasi, the second day’s survey began in the morning. Varanasi Police Commissioner A Satish Ganesh said, “The commission’s proceedings have been started for the second day today. All the members of the commission have gone inside and the proceedings have been started. Today, security has been beefed up and special attention has been paid to ensure that there is no inconvenience to people visiting the temple.

Earlier, a survey was also conducted on Saturday. Yesterday, four rooms and the western wall of the basement of Gyan Vapi Mosque were surveyed. Jatinder Singh Basin, head of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Singh, who came out of the mosque premises after the survey, had said that what was being found here was more than imagined. He said Sunday’s survey was also important. Basin said some locks were opened and some had to be broken. The survey report will be available soon.

It may be recalled that during the survey on Saturday, more than 1,500 police personnel and PAC personnel were deployed to protect the premises of Gyan Vapi Mosque. At the same time, movement of people has been banned within a radius of 500 meters of Gyan Vapi Mosque compound. Surrounding shops have also been ordered to be closed during the survey.

According to the report, the survey work of Gyan Vapi Mosque has been completed by 65%. However, there was some difficulty in videography due to lack of light during the survey. However, it is believed that the survey work will be completed today.

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