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‘Shallow publicity is an easy job, you should study first’; Shinde group’s strong response to MNS’s ‘That’ banner Shinde group, MNS banner war in Dombivli MIGMG News

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Currently, a banner war is going on between MNS and Shinde groups in Dombivli. The MNS banner has now been strongly retaliated by the Shinde group as well.

Sunil Jadhav Edited By: Ajay Deshpande

Sep 24, 2022 | 7:54 AM

Mumbai : Currently in Dombivli MNS (MNS) and Banner War in the Shinde group (Banner war) appears to be ongoing. It was alleged on behalf of MNS that the road work has not started even after two months of the work order. Due to this, the MNS had put up a banner in Dombivli saying ‘Astrologers should be appointed to find the Muhurat’. Also, will the road work be done before the election? Such a question was also asked on behalf of MNS. Now this criticism of MNS has been replied by the Shinde group through the banner itself. ‘Shallow fame is an easy business, you should study the net first! Banners with the text Maga Yave Tike Karita’ have been erected at the intersections.


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