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Sharad Pawar: Did you know that the person who hit Sharad Pawar under the ear was absconding for 8 years? | SEO: Ketaki Chitale Facebook post and action took place on her reminds first attack on sharad pawar happened 11 years ago know inside story of attacks on sharad pawar MIGMG News


The incident of attack on Sharad Pawar …

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Ketaki Chitale and Sharad Pawar: The name of the arrested youth was Arvinder Singh. But Arvinder had passed out of the cell.

Mumbai: Marathi Actress Ketki Chitale (Ketaki Chitale Facebook Post) Her Facebook post caused a stir. The political reaction is strong. Crimes were registered against her in different police stations. About Sharad Pawar (Sharad PawarShe was also prosecuted for using offensive and controversial language. On the occasion of all this, whenever Sharad Pawar was targeted, the politics of Maharashtra got agitated. This is also the reason why ST employees hit Sharad Pawar before Ketki Chitale’s Facebook post. Suddenly, at noon, some people went to Silver Oak, Sharad Pawar’s residence, threw sandals and shouted slogans. Only one mess after that. After that, Ketki Chitale’s Facebook post is again targeting Sharad Pawar. However, before this post, Sharad Pawar was also criticized by the Bharatiya Janata Party. Pawar’s speech in Satara was criticized. In this speech, Sharad Pawar made a statement on Hindu gods and goddesses, referring to a poem. One of the things that came to the fore was the first attack on Sharad Pawar.Attack of Sharad Pawar)! Sharad Pawar was stoned by a Punjabi youth. Even after this incident, there was a big controversy. We are going to know the inside story of this incident and the attacks on Pawar.

The first attack

That year was 2011. Sharad Pawar was in Delhi. He had left after an IFFO function in Delhi when he was the Agriculture Minister. After leaving, he reacted to the media. At this time, a Punjabi youth had placed a stone in Sharad Pawar’s ear. Sharad Pawar was scattered after the sudden attack. He was captured on camera as he lost his balance and fell on the wall.

There was confusion after the sudden attack. But the security forces had immediately arrested the youth who attacked Sharad Pawar. He was later arrested.

The arrested youth was identified as Arvinder Singh. But Arvinder had passed out of the cell. The police were trying to find out where he had gone and where he was hiding. But the police did not find him anywhere. Finally, in 2014, a Delhi court declared Arvind absconding.

Arvinder, who was declared absconding, was waving at the police. Arvinder Singh was wanted by the police for 8 years. After eight years, Arvinder was finally found by the police. He was arrested and sent back to court. In 2019, Arvind Kejriwal, who had attacked Pawar, was caught red-handed by the police.

Why did Arvind attack?

It has been 11 years since the incident of Sharad Pawar being stoned. Sharad Pawar was the Agriculture Minister then. Now he is an MP. When Arvinder was arrested 11 years ago, the media tried to find out his reaction. He had then said that he had beaten Sharad Pawar, accusing him of being corrupt.

Alternative Action

Meanwhile, ST workers’ lawyer Gunaratna Sadavarten was also arrested in connection with the attack on Sharad Pawar’s Silver Oak house. He was later arrested. Sadavarten was then charged in various cases across the state. He then had to face police custody and court proceedings.

Youth arrested from Nashik and now Ketki

Meanwhile, two days ago, the police also took action against a youth who was vomiting on a tweet about Sharad Pawar. Police arrested the youth from Nadindori in Nashik. Jitendra Awhad had demanded that action should be taken against Sharad Pawar for his controversial tweet.

Meanwhile, actress Ketki Chitale’s problems have also increased after she made an offensive comment on Facebook. Initially it was reported, then in Thane and then in different places. Then Ketki had to face police action.



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