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Mumbai: “Eknath Shinde has raised the banner of rebellion. I have seen many political revolts before. Because when a leader revolts, the activists do not follow him. When Chhagan Bhujbal left Shiv Sena, he had 11 to 15 MLAs with him. Everyone else was defeated. Therefore, the possibility of this situation in the case of the rebels with Shinde cannot be ruled out, “said senior leader Sharad Pawar.

Y in Mumbai. B. A meeting of NCP leaders was held at Chavan Center. After the meeting, Sharad Pawar gave a scathing commentary on the current political situation in the BJP, while telling the rebels the history of the previous political situation.

While giving political advice to the rebellious MLAs along with Eknath Shinde, Sharad Pawar gave the example of Chhagan Bhujbal’s rebellion. He said, “I remember when Chhagan Bhujbal joined the Congress from Shiv Sena. He had 12-16 MLAs with him at that time. Elections were held after that. It cannot be denied. “

BJP’s support to Eknath Shinde

NCP President Sharad Pawar has now commented directly on the power struggle in the state. Sharad Pawar has revealed in his unique style who is supporting Eknath Shinde’s rebellion. Sharad Pawar directly read out the list of national parties in the country. Saying that he does not have the support of CPM, CPI, Congress, NCP, BSP, he does not need to say who is supporting him, he indirectly said that BJP supports Shinde.

I don’t think the people who made arrangements in Surat and Assam are familiar with Ajit Pawar. But they are my acquaintances. “I know who is helping them there,” Pawar said.



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