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Shark Tank India Judges Namita Thapar Aman Gupta Ashneer Grover | Aman Gupta VS Ashneer Grover Which tester has the most assets? MIGMG News


Mumbai- The first season of the reality show based on the startup Shark Tank India ended a few weeks ago. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first. The first season of the show had a total of 35 episodes. In the first season, many startups came up with their ideas, and 67 startups received निधी 5.7 million in funding.

The show has been in the news for a number of reasons since its launch in December last year. Sometimes the comments of sharks, ie testers, caught everyone’s attention, and sometimes the story of a startup touched people’s hearts. The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; People were also curious to know the value of these seven sharks. Let’s find out who is the richest of all the sharks of the first season …

Aman Gupta- Aman Gupta is at the forefront of other examiners in terms of annual income. Is the co-founder and chief marketing officer of the electronic brand Boat. Launched in 2015, the company manufactures headphones, earphones and chargers. Apart from this, Aman is also involved in many startups like Shiprocket, Bummer, 10 Club. His net worth is दश 93 million.

Ashnir Grover- The most talked about person in the first season of Shark Tank India was Ashneer Grover. On the one hand, he was in the news because of his angry nature and on the other hand, he was also in the limelight due to allegations of cheating in his own company. Ashneer is the co-founder of Fintech startup Bharatpe. Ashnir has a net worth of 90 million.

Namita Thapar- Namita Shark is the richest shark among the female testers of the first season of Tank India. She is the Executive Director of Emcure Pharmaceutical. She is also the founder of Incredible Ventures. Namita comes from a business family. Her father Satish Mehta has also made it to the Forbes list of richest Indians. Namita has a net worth of 83 million.

Piyush Bansal- In the first season, Piyush was well-liked by the people for his kind demeanor. Piyush started a startup company called Lenscart in 2010 with two partners. He used to work for Microsoft in the United States. Piyush also currently has investments in companies such as Infido and Daily Object. According to one estimate, Piyush’s net worth now stands at about ८० 80 million.

Anupam Mittal- Anupam runs Shaadi.com, the most popular marriage website in India. Apart from this, Anupam, the founder of People Group, also owns brands like Makan.com, Mauj Mobile and People Pictures. He has invested in many other companies including Ola Cabs, Revoy, BizTM. He has also produced films. He currently has a net worth of about 70 million.

Ghazal Alag- Ghazal Shark Tank is India’s youngest judge. She runs a company called Mama Earth, which makes baby care products. In January of this year, the ghazal company became Unicorn and was valued at $ 1.2 billion. The 33-year-old ghazal currently has a net worth of about $ 17 million.

Vinita Singh- Vinita Singh’s story is similarly inspiring. After completing her MBA, she was offered a job worth 1.30 million, but she decided to start a business and turned it down. Vinita then tried unsuccessfully to run the business. She eventually found success in Sugar Cosmetics. Today this fashion brand is especially famous for lipstick. Vinita has a net worth of about दश 8 million.


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