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HomeNationalSharmin Obaid Chinoy slams LSA for nominating Feroze Khan MIGMG News

Sharmin Obaid Chinoy slams LSA for nominating Feroze Khan MIGMG News

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Migmg news

The Oscar-winning director of the Pakistani television industry raised her point of view in the context of actress Feroze Khan’s nomination for the LSA Luxe Style Awards 2022.

Sharmin has announced that in protest he will return the Unilever Lifetime Achievement Award he presented in 2012.

Lux Style Awards has announced the final list of nominees for the 21st LSA Awards, in which Feroze Khan has been nominated for the Best TV Male Actor (Viewer’s Choice) award for his drama series Khuda Aur Mohabat.

After knowing this, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy took to her Instagram and shared a note in which she wrote against the nomination of Feroze Khan following the controversy of his domestic abuse as alleged by his ex-wife Aliza Sultan.

As a society, we must stand together against domestic violence and we must call out those who provide platforms for abusers.

She criticized Unilever and Lux ​​saying: “Unilever and Lux ​​have done the awards and society a disservice and it is wrong to allow bullies to be celebrated.”

Later, the LSA issued a statement related to the final submissions of the nomination list in which they announced that they are not ruling out any submissions and nominations.

“As part of our third-party, independent and transparent voting process, which is audited end-to-end by PricewaterhouseCoopers, LSA cannot participate in short-listing, screening or exclusion of any submissions or nominations.”

The LSA further issued a statement, “Respecting the freedom and diversion of audience views and does not regulate or limit engagement (except in cases of content with obscene or inappropriate language) on our social media platforms.”

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