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The first animated poster for Shiva Rajkumar’s 125th movie Veda has been released, which is also the fourth collaboration with choreographer and director A Harsha. Film co-producer Zee Studio shared the motion poster via his Instagram handle and wrote, “Watch the first animated poster in the wild ’60s #Vedha.”

The two-minute and thirty-second poster gives a simple glimpse into the film. In a dramatic setting, the poster also presents the title with the tagline – The Brutal 1960s.

Besides being a milestone for a hat-trick hero, the film also marks Shiva Rajkumar’s entry into film production. The film was announced in March of last year, released on December 6, and is currently in production.

The trailer for the film was accompanied by a poster for the first time featuring Shivana as Salt and Pepper. The actor has a very violent look on his face.

Janavi Laxman will appear as the leading lady in the period film, which tells the story of the village. Among the other cast, the cast includes Swetha Changappa and Umashree.

The actor and director of this movie earlier collaborated with movies like Bhajarangi, Vajrakaya and Bhajarangi 2.

Co-funded by Zee Studios and Geetha Pictures, the artistic staff of Star Shiva Rajkumar from Sandalwood consists of Arjun Janya for the film’s music, Yogi G Raj to provide the costumes, while Swamy J handles the cinematography.

On the business front, Shiva Rajkumar has many regular projects. The actor is currently awaiting the release of his 123rd movie, Bairagee. Directed by Vijay Melton, the film is preparing for theatrical release on July 1. While, in the coming days, the 124th movie update for the actor, Ni Segofargo is also expected.

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