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New Delhi: Smartphone Selfie: If you are constantly clicking selfies for social media, it is equally important to take care of the selfie camera lens. After getting a little old, many people complain that the selfie camera of the smartphone does not work properly, but fixing this problem is not very difficult. If you want your smartphone’s selfie camera to be in good condition, today we are going to tell you some very simple tips to keep the selfie camera lens in good condition. Learn how to take good care of your smartphone’s selfie camera lens.

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Wiping requires:

Some people don’t clean their smartphone display for weeks. Due to this, dirt accumulates on the selfie lens. After some time this dirtiness increases to such an extent that even selfies are not clear. If you want, you can wipe the lens with the help of cleaning liquid, this does not affect the quality of the selfie.

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Display Replace:

Many a times people get damaged smartphone display, in which case after replacing the display again, dust accumulates on the side of the camera. So once the display is installed, it cannot be cleaned. In such cases, when fitting the display, the repairer should be reminded of it.

Liquid Damage:

Many times if you go out with your smartphone in the rain and it gets wet, you can remove the water drops from the top. But, these drops many times reach inside the camera. In such a situation, the smartphone should be covered during the rainy season. After following these tips you can keep your smartphone camera in good condition. The quality of selfies clicked through it is also excellent.

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