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Suicide | A mother reprimanded for her studies, a student poisoned her life MIGMG News

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Nagpur. With hard work, parents teach the girl. The mother blamed her daughter for not paying attention to her studies. Angered by this, the 15-year-old student consumed poison. Due to his deteriorating health condition, he was admitted to the hospital where he died during treatment. The deceased was identified as Nandini Mahesh Lajewar, a resident of Kalamna Basti. Nandini studied in 9th standard.

Parents run their household by working as laborers. Both daughters were educated. Nandini did not pay attention to studies. She came and went even to go to school. On the morning of February 21, the mother got angry and scolded him. He said to pay attention in studies. Nandini got angry because of this. She consumed a poisonous medicine kept in the house and went to school with a bag.

She returned home when her health deteriorated. She started vomiting. The younger sister informed the mother. When the relatives reached home, they found out that poison had been administered. He was taken to a private hospital for treatment. Nandini passed away in the early hours of Sunday morning. The police in Kalamna have registered a case of accidental death and have started an investigation.

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