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swaran ghar duptta video: Where is the logic? If you don’t want to make headaches worse then don’t miss this scene of the series – swaran ghar viral video on internet social media users troll MIGMG News


Mumbai- People in our country love melodrama, which is why there are so many series in the world of TV every year. Some shut down due to low TRP while some continue for many years due to good TRP. To get the attention of the audience, the producers of TV series often bring some twist in the story, but often the producers use ‘logic’ to bring the twist.

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Video that raises headaches

Comedian Veer Das recently tweeted a video showing a scene from the series. This video shows how the actress’s robe gets stuck in the fan and how she suffocates. After a million attempts, the veil does not come out from the neck of the actress and finally the actor cuts the veil with his teeth and saves the life of the actress. After watching this video, it is clear that there was nothing to hug.

Many reactions to the video

People are reacting differently to this video. One asked why the girl was pulling the plug, when she could have turned off the fan by pressing the button. Someone wrote that there was no one who had scissors that he tore with his teeth .. Another user also said why did all this? She could have taken a few steps back. There are many reactions to this video that you can smile at.

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Which series is this scene from?

The scene is from the series ‘Swaran Ghar’, starring Sangeeta Ghosh, Ronit Roy, Ajay Chaudhary and Varun Badola. The series began in February this year. The lead actress of the series Sangeeta Ghosh is playing the role of Swaran. The series shows how children grow up hurting their parents and trying to grab property.



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