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Tanda-Morvahi Upsa Irrigation Scheme | Tanda-Morwahi Upsa Irrigation Scheme in limbo, in-principle approval 3 years past MIGMG News

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Irrigation by carrying water from a bucket, the couple's struggle to save the rice

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Gondia, It was proposed to create a separate sub-soil irrigation scheme to provide irrigation facilities to the villages of Tehsil Morwahi, Eri, Datora, Powaritola, Dagotola, Thanda, Adasi etc. That proposal was approved in principle three years ago. The proposal has been sent to the Government for final administrative approval, but that proposal is still in progress. Due to which farmers do not get the benefit from irrigation.

Three years ago, 300 km of Tiger Irrigation Project was completed in Gondia Assembly Constituency. A capacity for irrigation of 20 thousand acres of land has been provided with extensive rehabilitation, deepening and cleaning of the canal by removing silt. The irrigated area is being increased through Rajegaon, Khati, Dangorli and Tedwa sub-irrigation schemes. Along with this, irrigation facility was not available in some villages from Thanda, Adasi to Morvahi due to high altitude.

Due to this, the local authorities have proposed to make a separate irrigation scheme for Morvahi, Eri, Asoli, Datora, Powarila, Dagotola, Thanda, Adasi etc. from the existing Bagh Irrigation Project canal to provide irrigation facilities. The proposal was approved in principle. But the proposal was sent to the government for final administrative approval. which did not progress further. This proposal has been pending with the Government for two years. Farmers were happy as they would get the benefit of constant irrigation. But due to delay in this, the hopes of the farmers were dashed.

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