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The 12th WSSC Board meeting was held at DI Khan to review the performance MIGMG News

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Dera Ismail Khan, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 24th Feb, 2023 ) : The twelfth meeting of the Board of Directors of DI Khan Water and Sanitation Services Company (WSSC) was held to review the performance of the institution and identify ways to improve his work.

It was chaired by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Chaudhry Muhammad Sharif and the Chief Executive Officer of WSSC DI Khan Syed Sada Hussain Shah was also present in the meeting.

On this occasion, all the board members participated and discussed and deliberated in detail on various issues related to the functioning of WSSC.

During the meeting, the board members thoroughly reviewed the performance of WSSC and analyzed its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

They also considered various recommendations for improving the company’s operations and tried to identify action steps that could be taken to improve its overall effectiveness, drawing on their collective expertise and experience.

Board members engaged in a robust exchange of ideas and perspectives, discussing various strategies and approaches to improve the company’s performance.

Through this collaborative process, board members agreed on a series of key recommendations that were deemed critical to the continued success of the organization.

Overall, the WSSC Board meeting was a productive and informative session, with detailed discussions and thoughtful analysis.

By working together and sharing their knowledge and expertise, board members were able to make significant progress in identifying ways to further improve the work of this important institution.

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