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The BJP creates religious fanaticism, so that the people do not raise the basic question: Tariq Anwar MIGMG News


Senior Congress leader Tariq Anwar said that the BJP knew that unless religious fanaticism was created, it could not win the elections and if the people remained entangled in it, they would not be able to raise fundamental questions.

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New Delhi: People are worried over rising prices of petroleum products across the country and questions are being raised about the call to prayer from mosques in different parts of the country. On these issues, senior Congress leader Tariq Anwar, while targeting the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), said that the BJP knows that unless religious fanaticism is created, it cannot win the elections and if the people get entangled in them. If they remain, they will not be able to raise basic questions.

“Since 2014, we have been witnessing that whenever there is a state election or a general election, one or another new issue is raised,” he said. As a result, tensions arise between the two sects, polarization takes place and they take advantage of it politically.

On inflation, Tariq Anwar said that when the prices of petroleum products go up, the prices of transportation also go up, thus affecting the prices of freight. But our government does not understand this. During the five state elections, petrol and diesel prices were not increased for about 130 days, but as soon as the results were released, prices began to rise, which has continued.

Tariq Anwar said that if the government wants, prices can be controlled, if it can be controlled during elections, then why can’t it be done throughout the year? The government has now come up with a new excuse for the Ukraine-Russia war. Only 3% of petroleum products come from Russia. The rest we take from other countries, the government is only working to rob the people, it has nothing to do with the problems and sufferings of the people.

Rising crude oil prices and worsening weather are affecting people’s pockets around the world. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 per liter while the price of lemons has crossed Rs 300 per kg. In addition, the price of free chillies and green coriander, which are available along with vegetables, has also reached Rs 100 to Rs 200 per kg.

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