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The conflict situation in the militia is over, Anwar Ibrahim will be the new prime minister, Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah approved MIGMG News

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Migmg news

The conflict for the prime ministership in Malaysia is over. According to media reports, Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah of Malaysia has approved Anwar Ibrahim to become prime minister, ending uncertainty in the tripartite parliament. In fact, no party had won a majority in the elections held in Malaysia, so no government could be formed. But now his path is paved.

Elections in Malaysia were held last year on November 19 in which no party won a majority. Among the two main allies that emerged in this election, one is led by Muhyiddin Yassin and the other by Anwar Ibrahim. Now that Sultan Abdullah Ahmad Shah has approved Ibrahim Anwar to become prime minister, preparations for the swearing-in have begun. Soon they will be sworn in and take their responsibility.

Namely, Anwar Ibrahim is a reformist leader and will be the tenth Prime Minister of Malaysia. In the 1990s, he was the country’s deputy prime minister. Ibrahim Anwar has been jailed for corruption, but he said he was motivated by politics. And not only that, Ibrahim was “prime minister in waiting” in 2018 and now he got a chance to hold the office.

It should be noted that in the general election held in Malaysia on November 19, the coalition led by Anwar Ibrahim won 82 seats, while a majority required 112 out of 222 seats. The alliance led by former prime minister Mohiuddin Yasin won 73 seats.


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