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The danger of adenovirus is increasing, the number of students in pre-primary schools has decreased MIGMG News

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Calcutta : Due to the increased threat of adenovirus, there is now a reduction in the number of female students in preschools. Along with this, many pre-primary schools are also considering online studies. Teachers say that it is not possible to pay attention to every student in class. These children are young, so it is practically impossible to wear masks to class. In such a situation, after Covid, the adenovirus imposes itself as the biggest headache. This virus mostly affects children under the age of five. In fact, 15 children have died of adenovirus in the state in the last two months. In such a situation, parents are worried about sending small children to school. Since there is movement of children in schools, the risk of infection increases.

what the teachers say

The attendance of students in preschools has decreased due to the increased threat of the virus. Principals of pre-primary schools also advise children with fever, cough, runny nose or respiratory problems to stay at home. Tanushree Das, director of a pre-school in Kasbah, said, “Children in the age group of one-and-a-half to five go to my school. It is not possible to keep them with masks. We told the parents that it is up to them to send their children to school or not. If the child has any physical illness, then there is no need to send him to school.


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