The horse descended into the river Krishna to drink water, so the giant crocodile came and … – a crocodile attacked a horse MIGMG News



Sangli: A crocodile attacked a horse that had gone to fetch water in the Krishna river basin and dragged the horse into the river basin. The incident took place at Chopdewadi near Bhilwadi. (a crocodile attacked a horse)

A crocodile dragged a horse and killed it in the Krishna river basin at Chopdewadi in Palus taluka. Uday More’s horse from the village was taken by his son Aryan to graze by the river.

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At the same time, the crocodile in the water attacked the horse and dragged the good big horse. After that the giant crocodile was walking in the river basin holding the horse in its jaws for about an hour. After that the crocodile left the horse by the river and disappeared.

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Crocodile habitat is found in many places in the Krishna river basin. There have been several incidents of crocodile attacks in the area. In which some have lost their lives. Many animals have been attacked by crocodiles many times. Now, the incident of attacking a big horse and dragging it to death by a crocodile has created an atmosphere of fear in Krishna.

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