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The Indian men’s hockey team beat South Africa 3-2 to reach the final, confirming the medal MIGMG News


The Indian men’s hockey team reached the final of the 2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games with a 3-2 win over South Africa in the semi-finals on Saturday. Abhishek (20 points), Mandeep Singh (28 score) and Gujraj Singh (58 score) scored the goals for India, with Ryan Julius (33 score) and Mustafa Kasim (59 score) for South Africa. With this win, India secured a place in the final and will be vying for the gold medal on Monday.

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The match started by pushing India deep inside the South African half as Lalit Kumar Obadiai stormed the circuit to alarm the opponent’s defence. Seconds later, Captain Manpreet Singh passed a ball into the circle for Abhishek, but it was blocked by the South African defense. Proteus goalkeeper Gwan Jones made two saves in a row to deny India after Akashdeep Singh cut the circuit and created fantastic chances. Jones also denied Harmanpreet Singh after he hit a hard drag on goal with a penalty and the first quarter ended with neither team getting a goal on the board.

India continued to make dangerous rounds within the striking circle, creating a threat on the left flanks in particular. Goalkeeper Krishan B Pathak made a decisive save after South Africa targeted successive penalties. Abhishek finally broke the shackles with a stunning by-hand kick in the net from the edge of the circle as India led 1-0. Minutes later, Akashdeep Singh received a circuit breaker pass from Vivek Sagar Prasad. But his shot on goal was saved again by Joan Jones. A late counterattack saw Mandeep Singh curl the ball past the South African goalkeeper, as India entered the first half with a 2-0 lead.

The second half started with India earning an early penalty and pressing the South African defense immediately. But Varun Kumar’s shot was fired by the opposition. Ryan Julius put South Africa on the board as he scored from a penalty kick to reduce the gap to 1-2. Minutes later, Gwan Jones saved Abhishek’s shot at the far post again. The South African goalkeeper saved again when Garmanpreet Singh fired a shot on target from the penalty spot.

With 15 minutes left, India started to show the urgency to consolidate their lead as Garmanpreet Singh created a dangerous opportunity from the left, but the ball swerved wide. With Gurjanant Singh running inside the circuit, India kept South Africa’s defense on its toes as the clock ticked on. A late penalty kick saw Ujraj Singh score another goal for India, but Mustafa Kasim also added a goal for South Africa a minute before the end of the match. India managed to keep their cool in the last few seconds and took the 3-2 win to reach the final.

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