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The Iron Ladies of Motor Racing do more than just put women behind the wheel MIGMG News


Sarah Buffy had some doubts when she and her teammates were told they would be racing in pink suits and a pink car this season, but success on the track with Iron Dams quickly dispelled any concerns.

The 33-year-old Belgian driver wrote her name in motorsport history at the Monza 6 Hours last month as the first woman to take first place in a World Endurance Championship (WEC) race, and the team came second in its class the first women’s team on the podium at WEC, And last weekend the 24 Hours of Spa once again handed the Gold Cup category win by three laps in a Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO.

It was the first time in the 98-year history of the Belgian event that a female GT3 crew had won, with Team Buffy, Denmark’s Michael Gatting and Swiss racer Rachel Frey and France’s Dorian Bain leading the GT World Championship. They challenged in their class. “We were like ‘If we go all pink we need to present,'” Buffy told Reuters, recalling pre-season discussions about color. Pay attention by owning a color car and playing full women’s lineup cards often.

“I think the team decided to go ahead with it because they knew we had the potential to deliver some great results… Now, with everything we’ve achieved this season already, I’m so glad we picked this color. Iron Dams are competing in the GTE Am class as part of the A project founded in 2019 by French entrepreneur and racer Deborah Mayer, who also chairs the FIA’s Committee for Women in Motorsports.

Inspiration goal

The project aims to support and inspire active women in motorsports. Iron Dames’ managers in various tournaments are women, as are many of the mechanics and marketing.

Buffy hoped the success would have a positive impact – not only in showing that women can compete alongside men but also in encouraging more female participation in all areas. “What I hope will also encourage other women and potential sponsors to see that this is actually possible,” she said.

Evidence from around the racetrack and on social media has shown a growing interest from young girls wanting to get involved in the sport. “I often say that none of us started out in motorsports because we wanted to have a cause for women in motorsports. We race because we are racers, we love it,” Buffy said.

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“But when you’re part of a project like Iron Dames, you quickly realize that everything you do, every outcome you bring is important to something bigger than you.” Where do you stop? How much can we do? I don’t really have an answer to that, but we will continue to fight for results and we will continue to share with our followers.”

A podium finish in the GTE Am class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans remains a target, with Iron Dames back in seventh place this year, and 40th overall, after an early puncture “We have a lot of races to come, and we still have a lot of racing. Some chances to fight.” For good positions and for sure the expectations will be higher now that we have shown that we can win races,” Buffy said.

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