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Can an eunuch register himself as of any gender? Isn’t it necessary to have a medical test to diagnose sex? To what extent is the Act enacted in 2018 for the protection of eunuchs being implemented?

The journey of identifying eunuchs
The journey of identifying eunuchs


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Sobia was six years old when she realized that what she looked like was not really what she looked like. These qualities were also felt in Sobia by her parents. But like the general attitude of the society, they hid Sobia in the house and did not leave her alone. At the age of fifteen, Sobia underwent surgery to give her body the color that her soul demanded of her. Sobia is 22 years old. After completing her BS, she is currently the Vice President of Blue Van, an organization working for the rights of eunuchs in Peshawar.

The Protection of Eunuchs Act, enacted in 2018, provides a clear path for eunuchs to register with NADRA and allows eunuchs whose parental identification was a question to register in the name of the Guru. Is. The question is, can anyone register themselves as of any gender? Isn’t it necessary to have a medical test to diagnose sex?

Medical tests should not be a requirement, Julie

Julie is considered a strong voice of the eunuch community in Pakistan. Julie says the medical test requirement is meaningless because everyone should have the right to identify their gender. Julie is a clear voice against guru culture. He says that guru culture is the absolute rule in the eunuch community. I also had to go to jail and I was lured by money to suppress my voice. ”According to Julie, the 2018 Act is designed to protect homosexuality, not for the welfare and protection of eunuchs. ۔

Excuses of NADRA

According to the data available since the 2018 Act, the number of people who have received a card from NADRA under their new sexual identity card is around 28,000. The number of males to females is about 16,000 while the number of females to males is more than 12,000. It is important to note that these individuals contacted NADRA to obtain a card under their new sexual identity, but without any medical tests. Nine men reported being eunuchs. There were 21 transgender people and 9 transgender people. Sobia Khan claims that even after the enactment of this act, eunuchs could not easily get their card from NADRA. She says her three colleagues have two-year-old tokens, but every time the NADRA office staff makes an excuse and does not issue them a card.

‘Act is erasing the identity of the eunuch community’

Diamond Bobby hails from Islamabad and has been working for the rights of the eunuch community for many years. ” It was and still is today. The word eunuch or eunuch was used in India for those who were impotent and assigned to the women’s quarters. In Pakistan, now the self-proclaimed eunuch does not live up to this definition. Therefore, the real eunuchs are neither in front nor are they getting rights. The 2018 Act is erasing the true identity of the eunuch community by giving NADRA cards to anyone without medical diagnosis.

According to Diamond Bobby, accusing Guru of human trafficking is inhumane and illegal. Bobby says that when transgender people are not with him, the gurus hug him like a parent. The former guru then, according to our custom, claims from the new guru the debt or money which is owed to his disciple. So it’s not human trafficking. “

Sobia Khan spent ten years with Guru. He said that it is difficult to complete education in the Guru’s camp as the environment there is slightly different. Due to the dancing and singing camps at the camp, she tried to stay with her parents so that she could pay full attention to her education.

‘Law promotes homosexuality’

Nadeem is an attractive makeup artist. According to Nadeem, it is unlawful and socially unacceptable to call anyone a trans without medical because it makes it clear that the law was enacted in the name of eunuchs, but homosexuality is under it. Is being promoted. Nadeem does not consider Guru’s camp as a shelter home but believes that Guru gives protection but takes away the right to live as he pleases. But the Guru does not accept the accusation that he sells or receives money from his disciple. Nadeem says that the relationship between guru and disciple is like that of children and parents. After raising, the guru also wants his disciple to earn for him.

Regarding sexual identity, Nadeem says that after the birth of a child, the child is handed over to the parents only after a complete medical check-up and if any physical or mental disability is written in the certificate, then the eunuch is a man. Or why does the eunuch community object so much to medical tests before registering as a woman?

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