The legless BCom student gets a little help from friends; Video clip in Kerala college is spreading fast MIGMG News



A. Muhammad from Kerala has not had legs since his birth. But he has friends who always carried him inside school and college. A video of a BCom student in the last year carried by two of his friends went viral.

A student at DB College in Sasthamcotta in the Kollam area, Alif is simultaneously shocked and excited by the reaction to his video. “Since morning I’m getting calls. I did a test today so I turned the phone off for a while but when I turned it back on I got about 800 missed calls. I didn’t expect the video to go viral so quickly. My friends are always the ones helping me out in college. Not just anyone in particular, But they all carry me,” he says.

The video was shot by Jagat Thulasidharan, a wedding photographer and former college student. It’s a recording from March 24th during the Youth Festival. In the video, his friends Arya and Archana hold him.

Elif loves to travel and his dream is to visit many countries. He mostly travels with cousins ​​and friends and has covered several parts of India, including Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. His next wish is to travel to Dubai. While traveling, he uses a wheelchair. And where his comrades can not carry him.

Thulaseedharan says, “When I saw that visual of this moment, I took it. It was a great moment. For everyone inside the college, this is a familiar sight because Elif is always carried by one of his friends or others.”

A man with a positive outlook on life, Alf says he never grieves over his situation. He is the eldest son of Shanavas and Senat, and he has two younger brothers.

He says that all his life his friends always helped him and he is grateful for them.

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