The most expensive fuel in the country is in Mumbai, Maharashtra; High VAT puts pressure on consumers’ pockets – petrol diesel price in mumbai maharashtra MIGMG News



M. Ta. Special Representative, Mumbai: Fuel (petrol and diesel) in Mumbai and Maharashtra is more expensive than other states in the country as the state government has the highest VAT. With the exception of Mumbai and Maharashtra, the average price of petrol is below Rs 109 per liter, while diesel is below Rs 95 per liter.

Petrol became cheaper by about Rs 9 per liter after the central government reduced excise duty a few days ago. After that, the state government announced to reduce VAT on petrol by about Rs 2.04. However, in reality, these rates have not come down, but now the reality is that petrol and diesel in Mumbai and Maharashtra are the most expensive in the country. According to the data, the average price of petrol in 20 states or Union Territories is Rs 100 or less. In 12 states, it is between Rs 100 and Rs 110. The average price of petrol in Maharashtra is Rs 111 to Rs 112 per liter. The same is true of diesel. The average price of diesel in 20 states or union territories is between Rs 80 and Rs 90. In 11 states, the rate is between Rs 90 and Rs 95 per liter. In the state, however, diesel averages Rs 96-97 per liter.

Mumbai is the most expensive of the 14 cities

Compared to 14 major cities in the country, petrol in Mumbai costs Rs 111.35 and diesel Rs 97.28 per liter. The cheapest petrol is in Chandigarh at Rs 97.20 per liter and diesel at Rs 84.26 per liter.



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