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The mysterious disease spreads rapidly, suddenly there is a severe pain in the head, blood starts to flow from the nose MIGMG News

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New Delhi. Corona virus suddenly created a storm in the world. Nobody understood us and this virus put millions of people to sleep in a short time. Since this virus came into the world, since then the health chiefs are on the lookout for any kind of medical case. A strange case was recently noticed. In this, seven people died one after the other with the same symptoms. In this, first there is a severe pain in the head. After this, blood starts coming from the nose before death.


Health officials in East Africa’s Tanzania lost their senses once this mysterious disease came to light. Seven people died here one after the other from a secret disease. All these cases came from Kaira in Tanzania. Doctors are trying to identify this mysterious disease. But it has not been identified yet. In this disease, fever and nosebleeds start along with headache.

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the investigation began
Tanzania’s chief medical officer, Tumaini Ngu, told the BBC the government had launched an investigation into the disease. Professionals in the regional team along with their rapid response team are investigating the disease. Experts have advised people that if you see such symptoms in someone, then keep your distance from them. Along with this, people have also been asked to exercise restraint. Another thing came to light in the investigation. In fact, this disease is not new. In July 2022, about three people also died of similar symptoms. Which was later identified as leptospirosis.

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such are the symptoms
People are aware of this mysterious disease. This disease is spread through contact with animal feces. These include rats, cows, pigs and dogs. The symptoms of this disease are also described. An infected person first develops a fever. After that he has a headache. Along with nerve and joint pain, their eyes turn red and their appetite dies. Those who died complained of nosebleeds before death. The skin and eyes of all the people who died turned yellow.

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