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The Prime Minister called for unity to win the war against terrorism MIGMG News

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Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif reiterated his determination to get rid of terrorism and stressed the need for unity to face the challenge.

Presiding over a meeting to review the implementation of the National Action Plan, he heaped praise on the security officials for their unparalleled services.

National unity was the only way to save Pakistan and make it a great nation, he said and recalled the Peshawar mosque massacre.

In the wake of the February 3 terrorist attack on police lines, the civilian and military leadership held a seven-hour meeting and took several decisions, he said, adding that police, rangers and army personnel bravely fought terrorists in Karachi. .

The Prime Minister said that after the terrorist attack on the Army Public School in Peshawar, the Nawaz Sharif-led government had formulated a National Action Plan.

Nawaz Sharif invited all national leaders, including those “who did not want to see the matter directly”, however, decisions were taken to revive peace in the country.

He said that this time too the federal government invited all stakeholders but only one party did not bother to attend the meeting. “They still want to solve the problem of the streets which were very reprehensible,” he noted.

The Prime Minister said that Pakistan is currently facing economic challenges and expressed hope that the situation will improve after the matters with the International Monetary Fund are finalized.

The coalition government put their political interests at stake for the good of the country and for the improvement of the economic situation, he emphasized. He said that the cooperation of friendly countries is nothing less than the blessing of Allah, but the most important priority should be to arrange our house, otherwise no one will come for help.

Referring to the killings and arrests of terrorists during various military operations, Prime Minister Shehbaz said that the security agencies are doing their best to ensure the safety of the citizens.

“If we act selfishly in this critical situation, this is not politics,” he complained. The Prime Minister said that for the safety of future generations, it is necessary for everyone to understand the sensitivity of the situation. He recalled that Pakistan sacrificed about 83,000 lives.

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