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‘The rapists kick off the pitch’ banner raised over Selhurst Park as the 2022-23 Premier League kicks off MIGMG News


A banner calling for a soccer game to kick rapists off the field was raised above Selhurst Park on Friday ahead of the opening match of the 2022-23 Premier League between Crystal Palace and Arsenal. A sign that was raised above the ground read “Kick the rapists out of the stadium.”

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This law is the result of a protest sponsored by Arsenal supporters and a feminist campaign group called Level Up. The collaboration calls for the London-based club to implement a strict disciplinary policy to deal with gender-based violence.

And a statement from Level Up quoted them as “planning to disrupt the uproar and demand that the upper class in England take more action on the ‘culture of impunity around sexual violence in football'”.

The protest comes right after the Premier League’s recently introduced policy for footballers to undergo mandatory sexual consent training.

“The Premier League is finally beginning to recognize the huge impact football has on our individual culture and behaviors by introducing mandatory consent training,” Level Up co-director Seay Valodon-Libord told The Athletic.

Seyi also wants all of their demands met. Furthermore, the co-director of Level Up wants a fair trial by an independent ombudsman.

Mickey Franklin, an Arsenal fan, expressed a similar opinion.

“As a lifelong Arsenal fan, I want to see our club lead the league in combating sexual violence. Franklin said anyone who is violent towards a woman should be held accountable, no matter how important they are to a team’s success. Sports.

The Premier League has been rocked recently after a player faced accusations of rape.

But the aforementioned club reportedly decided not to take any action against the accused, who was arrested on suspicion of rape.

Meanwhile, French left-back Benjamin is set to stand trial in Manchester City after being charged with eight counts of rape.

History suggests that Premier League clubs have acted differently during the treatment of accused footballers. This discrepancy is not only puzzling, but also underscores the urgent need to put in place strict rules for clubs while handling such cases.

Previously, Manchester United decided to stop Mason Greenwood after the England striker was arrested on suspicion of rape.

On the other hand, Yves Bisoma has not been stopped by his former club Brighton and Hove Albion following his arrest on suspicion of sexual assault last year.

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