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The reputation of both the military and judicial institutions, which we were proud of in the past, is at stake MIGMG News

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Have we reached where you feared? Has the country fallen under the influence of prostitutes or is it just the beginning? If we go to the literal meaning and definition of Tawaif al Muluki and take into account the current political and economic conditions in the country, we must say that although we have not yet reached Manjadar, all the signs of the beginning are clearly visible. . Ignoring it is nothing more than self-indulgence or deception. Mastzad If we evaluate and analyze it based on situations and events of the recent past, apart from treatment and solutions, we will have to face a more destructive error.

75 years ago, a system was created in which the constitution, the law and the status of the institutions were nothing but tools of governance through which the rule of a certain class and institution is imposed on the people against their will and continues. For 75 years every sound, step, step, ratio and arrangement has been built on the same criteria. Any constitution and law and politician was acceptable as long as it could guarantee the protection of this system. Almost every public, state and governmental element had to fit into this framework and should fit, otherwise it is cut and thrown out.

Today, both institutions, one of which violated the strength, continuity and security of this system, and the other which gave it constitutional confirmation of legality and halal in the name of the constitution and the law, both have their own public opinion. There are red flags to save a reputation. There used to be martial law, and then the Supreme Court revoked its legitimacy under the doctrine of necessity, and sometimes gave the dictator the power to amend the constitution, sometimes even voluntarily. But, allegedly, the judiciary had its own existence. But what if, in this strange arrangement, the constitution were suspended, but judges and courts were still established, and a system of government was secured for the whole nation by means of guns. But in the past, all this would start after the assassination of an elected government and everything would be covered in the cloak of “ideological necessity” based on “Murta Qa na Karta” and thus the background characters would remain behind the scenes. And the illusion of so-called neutrality would remain.

It is fortunate that this time it all amounts to “one before you come and one after you leave”, the same hand that was later to confirm that everything was correct, to clear the way by disqualifying an elected prime minister. and it was also constantly used to bring the bearer and keep them in power. In this evil process, some hands were repeatedly burned so badly that the identification marks on them would not be erased. Which proves that an unannounced attack on democracy and an elected government has proven to be a more life-threatening task than an unannounced attack on an elected government. In this process, all pillars of the state were severely affected, but the high judiciary and the media, whose reputation was almost destroyed. The obvious legislature and administration, they themselves always wanted to be worthless in the eyes of the people, but now it happened that the pillars by which this system was given legal protection and mindset with the help of propaganda began to shake with trouble. This created public acceptance. But now the situation has reached such a level that these termite-infested pillars have started shaking and colliding with each other.

Unlike in the past, everyone took off their mask and jumped on the field. In the last six-seven years, despite the accusations of a specific way of thinking, dedication and bias, by forming a bench composed of these judges of the Supreme Court, specific persons and types of cases are placed before them, whose decisions are constantly against one side. everything

Perhaps for the first time in the history of the Supreme Judiciary, it is openly revealed that an attempt has been made to either dismiss independent thinkers or suspend them from hearing all important political and constitutional cases despite their seniority.

This whole process fostered apathy at the level of society and the state to such an extent that it did not exist even in the past.

There was a time when newspaper reports, research reports, rallies and processions created at least some anxiety among state institutions and administrative officials, and sometimes even inadvertently resulted in high-level disciplinary action and resignation. Now there is no fear of God, no law, no society. Now, no officer and Thanedar cares about these things, the Magistrate General is a big deal.

Now audio video is coming but no one cares from society to law. If the person is more powerful, arguments and interpretations start coming to hide the sins seen on audio and video. If an audio video comes of a bad act of a common man, then that man is no longer a person, but if it is Imran or a judge or a general, then a sin is not a sin and the act is not a crime.

In another case, the Chief Justice took suo motu on the observations of two judges, one of whom was a part of the Lahore High Court bench that overturned the Special Court’s decision against General Musharraf, and the other a judge from Panama. He was part of every case and decision related to the Punjab government which even today cannot show its face before any independent court. Perhaps that is why such benches and items are kept away from the reach of Justice Qazi Faiz Isa. Now there were objections on the bench related to the selection of a Supreme Court judge by the largest party PDM.

How long will 23 million people continue to install this outdated framework with a hammer and gun?

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