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The return of the Ramadan street festivals in Cairo after the suspension of the Corona virus MIGMG News


CAIRO (Reuters) – Group meals in which hundreds of people pack around long tables for breakfast during the holy month of Ramadan are back on the streets of Egypt after being widely suspended for the past two years due to coronavirus restrictions.

In the working-class neighborhood of El Matareya in Cairo, residents sat back-to-back at two tables running down a narrow street adorned with balloons, banners and banners while enjoying a meal of grilled meat, rice and pickles.

Charities organize evening meals in the streets, while other local communities, such as those in Matariya, run communities that collect food donations.

“The spirit of Ramadan is back,” said Haitham Adel, organizer of the Matariya meal. “People went back to eating together without worry.”

Ahmed El-Bardisi, organizer of a daily charity meal in Giza, on the banks of the Nile from central Cairo, said job losses during the coronavirus pandemic have limited food donations.

Although many Egyptians are suffering from accelerating inflation, he said, such donations have recovered this year.

Egypt has been hit by successive waves of COVID-19 infections and imposed a night curfew coinciding with Ramadan in 2020. Most of the restrictions have now been lifted.



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