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The stock market rose by 76 points MIGMG News

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Migmg news

KARACHI: The Pakistan Stock Exchange today saw a positive trend during today’s trading day, the 100 index of the stock market rose by 76.37 points during today’s trading session, a marginal positive change of 0.19% to 40,784.13 points from on the previous day 40,707.76 points, but closed.

In today’s business, 158,084,396 shares were traded against 153,441,220 shares the previous day, and 331 companies traded their shares on the stock exchange. Of these, 135 companies increased their share prices, and 173 continued to decline, while the share prices of 23 companies remained unchanged. Unilever Foods saw the biggest rise in price per share by Rs 1,430.00, which was at Rs 20,957.50, closing at Rs. Services were in second position with an increase of Rs 95.00. up to Rs.1,965.00 per share. Bata (Pak) recorded the highest loss of Rs 106.90. After that, Pak Tobacco closed down by Rs 31.24 at Rs 720.01.


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