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Theft | Thieves terrorized the city, stealing five places in one night MIGMG News

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  • They shot two hotels, two hardware and one ceiling
  • thief caught on CCTV camera

darva, In Darwha tehsil, theft incidents have been coming to the fore in the city for the past few days. Due to which the fear of activation of the band of thieves has been created among the people. Golibar Chowk is the main road from Dharwa City Bus Stand. On this occasion Hotel Maya, Hotel Bikaner, Pawan Hardware, Paras Hardware, an unknown thief entered these four shops by breaking the shutter in the middle of the night and clearing the cash from the neck of the shop.

On the other hand, an unknown thief stole the refrigerator by breaking the shutters of Sohan Agarwal’s home on Old Digras Road. On Tuesday morning, February 28 morning, when the citizens saw the open shutters of the shops going out for a morning walk, they informed the shop owners. The thieves were caught on CCTV cameras. The challenge of finding the thieves remains before the police.

Incidents of thefts have come to the fore in the city in recent days. In the past period in the city, incidents of thefts by entering houses in broad daylight came to the fore. That’s why thieves don’t see any fear now. Apart from two hotels located on the road from Bus Stanak Chowk to Golibar Chowk, the main and busiest residential area of ​​the city, the rioters entered by breaking the shutters of two hardware shops. On the other hand, a cooler was stolen from Agarwal’s house located on Yuna Digras Road.

Anand Bridchandra Barud, Pawan Subhashchandra Hordia, Sohan Jainarajan Agarwal filed a complaint at Dharwa police station. The police arrived at the spot and conducted a panchnama. The thieves made off with Rs 20,000 in cash from the shop of Paras Hardware owner Anand Barud, Rs 2,000 from Pawan Hardware and Rs 8,000 from Maya Hotel. Apart from the Bikaner hotel, the thief was also caught in the CCTV camera installed at Sech Maya Hotel. The challenge of finding the thief remains before the police.

no fear of the police

Day-to-day theft incidents are coming to the fore due to the reduction in night patrols in the city. In the last few months, thefts have come to light in the middle of the day, but also at night. Thieves are not afraid of the police. That is why the request from the police department to increase patrolling began to gain momentum.

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