Their gurus should cooperate to register the names of third parties in the voter list – Principal Secretary Shrikant Deshpande MIGMG News



Nation News Marathi Team.

Mumbai – Every citizen of the country has the right to vote and the third party has the same right. If third parties participate in the voting process in an organized manner, they will get the right to vote. To date, only 3,700 people have registered as third party voters in the state. Chief Electoral Officer and Principal Secretary Shrikant Deshpande today appealed to the third party gurus to co-operate for the registration of all third party communities in the state.

Chief Electoral Officer Deshpande visited the colony of third party gurus at Byculla in Mumbai. Mumbai City Collector Rajiv Nivatkar, Deputy Collector Madhav Patil, third party gurus, Mumbai Kinnar Trust, members of Kinnar Mao etc. were present on this occasion.

The issues of third parties, their problems are different and all government officials in the state should be aware of it. For this, a state level conference of third party gurus, government officials, government departments and NGOs is being considered. Mr. Deshpande said that after studying various issues of third parties, it is being considered to give fellowships to the NGOs who submit the report to the government officials together. At present, third party voters are facing difficulties in getting their rights due to low voter registration. There are about 10 lakh third parties in Maharashtra and if all of them get the right to vote, their problems can be easily solved, said Mr. Deshpande.

The government is making special efforts to register the names of third parties in the voter list and camps are being organized near their residences in Mumbai. Mr. Deshpande also appealed to the third party persons who have not registered their name as a third party, to change their voting card as a third party.

Mumbai Collector Shri. Nivatkar said that a survey is underway to find out the names of all third parties in the electoral rolls so that the third party is a deprived section in the entire state and they should have the right to vote. This voting card will help you to get various facilities along with the sacred right to vote. For this, all third parties should register with the district election office to get the voting card, he appealed.


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