This is an original message, not a Qatari message: Shahbaz Gil MIGMG News



Lahore (92 News) – Salvation Party leader Shahbaz Gill said don’t take the name of Interpol, it doesn’t arrest your father.

Speaking to the media on Wednesday, he said he had information about those bureaucrats with whom he had intermarried in the past. “The father and son were using junior employees in the wrong way by giving them high positions,” he added.

He said that PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz told the press conference that the letter was fake because it was submitted by PTI. The first question: Did Maryam Nawaz see or read this letter? If you haven’t read it, how can she claim it’s fake?

Shahbaz Gil said they are ready to present all the evidence to the court. “This is not the letter with the Calibri font. It is an original letter,” he concluded.



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