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Traffic accident | A car blew up at high speed, the condition is critical, relatives suspect a fatal attack MIGMG News

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Nagpur. A person who was out for a walk with his cousin late at night under the Tehsil Police Station was blown up by a speeding car. He was taken to Mayo Hospital for treatment, but due to his critical condition, his relatives admitted him to a private hospital. Fayaz Qureshi (43) resident of Mominpura is said to be injured. On the other hand, doubts about the whole incident, the relatives called it a murderous attack.

According to information received, about 4 days ago at around 12.55 pm, Fayaz went out for a walk along with his cousin Mohammad Javed Mohammad Shamim Iqbal (43), a resident of Kasabpura, in Hansapuri campus on CA Road. The two were passing under the metro station near Agrasen Chowk, when a car moving from behind hit Fayaz at high speed. He remained lying on the hood of the car and fell after traveling some distance.

After the collision, the driver of the car fled quickly, but Fayaz’s leg and shoulder were broken. He started bleeding from his head and ears. Shamim took him unconscious to the nearby Mayo Hospital. After the preliminary examination, the doctors told Fayaz that he had serious head injuries. In such a situation, Fayaz was immediately admitted to a private hospital in Dantoli. On the other hand, following Shamim’s report, the police registered a case against the unknown driver and started a search.

hit on purpose

According to information, Fayaz’s father runs a hotel in Mominpura and along with running the hotel, Fayaz is also involved in property trading etc. On the other hand, Fayaz’s relatives said they have seen some private CCTV footage of the accident site. In the video, both Shamim and Fayaz were walking along the road along the footpath. You can’t tell from anywhere that they are on the main road. In such a situation, the relatives said that they suspect that the driver of the car who was moving at high speed hit Fayaz on purpose. He said that until now the police have not received the number of the car. At the same time, social worker Atiq Qureshi said that if the police take swift action, the accused can be found. More than 4 days have passed since the incident. The number of the car must be visible in the CCTV camera at one or the other intersection. If the police take quick action, then the accused can be found.

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