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Trump and other Republicans will have to pledge loyalty to the 2024 presidential candidate – World MIGMG News

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WASHINGTON: The Republican Party plans to ask 2024 presidential candidates to endorse the eventual nominee, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Sunday, backing an idea that former President Donald Trump has so far not embraced.

Candidates who do not sign the pledge will not be allowed to participate in party-sponsored debates during state-by-state presidential nominating elections, McDaniel said.

“It’s kind of pointless, isn’t it?” If you’re going to be at the Republican National Committee debate asking the voters to support you, you should say, I’m going to support the voters and whoever they choose as a candidate,” McDaniel told CNN’s “State of the Union.” ” program. Trump, who remains popular in the Republican Party but is already facing challenges in his next bid for the White House from former supporters including Nikki Haley, has so far refused to commit to endorsing the eventual Republican nominee.

“It would depend,” Trump said earlier this month in a radio interview. “It should depend on who the nominee is.”

McDaniel said he believes all candidates, including Trump, will sign the pledge and it will be an important step toward healing divisions in the party and a united front.

“We are saying that you will not go on the debate stage if you do not make this promise. And I think people in our party really want to see that. They want to see us together. They don’t want the infighting,” McDaniel said. Trump did not immediately respond publicly to her comments, but a campaign spokesman told Reuters: “President Trump is going to support the Republican nominee because that’s who he’s going to be.”


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