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Ukraine says battle for Donbass twin cities reaches ‘frightening climax’ MIGMG News


Hundreds of civilians are trapped in a chemical plant in Severodonetsk, as Ukraine and Russia vie over who controls the bombed city.

Moscow says Ukrainian forces in Severodonetsk, which has seen the fiercest fighting in recent times, are surrounded and surrounded. Last week, I ordered them to surrender or die.

But Luhansk region governor Serhiy Gaidai told Ukrainian television on Wednesday that “fighting continues” and that “Russian forces do not have complete control.”

In Lysichansk, Russian-backed separatists were quoted by the TASS news agency as saying that Ukrainians in the city were trapped and cut off from supplies after storming a road linking the city with the town of Seversk.

Reuters could not immediately confirm the news.

Aristovich said that Russian forces in both cities were conscripts with varying levels of training after Ukraine inflicted heavy losses on Russian forces. Reuters was unable to verify his statements about the Russian losses.

“It’s like two boxers wrestling each other in the 18th round of the bout and barely able to move things forward. This process started on April 14 and lasted for nearly 80 days,” he said in an online post.

EU membership

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 in what the Kremlin called a “special operation” to ensure Russian security and discredit Ukraine. Ukraine and the West describe this as a baseless excuse to launch a war of choice, which has raised fears of a broader conflict in Europe.

Russia has long been opposed to closer ties between Ukraine, the former Soviet state, and western clubs such as the European Union (EU) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Zelensky said he spoke to 11 EU leaders on Wednesday about Ukraine’s candidacy and would make more calls on Thursday. He said earlier that he believed that all 27 EU countries would support Ukraine’s status as a candidate.

“We deserve it,” Zelensky told fans in Amsterdam via a video link.

Diplomats say it will take Ukraine a decade or more to meet the criteria for joining the European Union. But EU leaders say the bloc should make a gesture acknowledging Ukraine’s sacrifice.

The war in Ukraine had an enormous impact on the global economy and European security, driving up gas, oil, and food prices, causing the European Union to reduce its heavy dependence on Russian energy and prompting Finland and Sweden to seek NATO membership.

The European Union will temporarily switch to coal to deal with dwindling Russian gas flows without derailing long-term climate goals, an EU official said on Wednesday, as a tight gas market and higher prices kicked off a race for alternative fuels.

US administration officials said the leaders of the Group of Seven and NATO will seek to increase pressure on Russia over its war in Ukraine in meetings next week.



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