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Union Minister Narayan Rane: It is difficult to reach home if MLAs’ hair is pushed, Narayan Rane threatens Pawar – Union Minister Narayan Rane threatens Sharad Pawar over Maharashtra political crisis MIGMG News


Mumbai: If the MLAs revolt, the workers do not go after them. Shiv Sainiks, however, always stand behind the leadership. NCP president Sharad Pawar gave a clear warning to the rebel MLAs of Eknath Shinde group that Shiv Sainiks are sacrificing their lives to defeat the rebels. Also sitting in Guwahati does not prove a majority. Come to Mumbai for that, said Pawar. After Pawar’s press conference, Union Minister Narayan Rane has threatened Pawar. Rane has targeted Pawar saying that it will be difficult to reach home if the MLA’s hair is pushed.

Rane threatens Sharad Pawar

Sharad Pawar Saheb Shinde is threatening the group, ‘Come and show it in the hall’, they are coming. They will come and vote as they please. Pushing even their hair will make it harder to get home. The alliance government is a government formed for convenience and self-interest, so do not boast of work and work. Some rebelled several times. Vertical Maharashtra knows the history of that rebellion. It is not appropriate to threaten dignitaries at any time, at any time.

Rane also targets the Chief Minister

Eknath Shinde is also an old colleague and friend of mine. He and his colleagues are out of government and out of state. Given their numbers, the present Chief Minister has taken out a procession, this is evasion and selfishness.

What did Sharad Pawar say?

Eknath Shinde has raised the flag of rebellion. I have seen many rebellions before. Because when a leader rebels, the workers do not follow him. When Chhagan Bhujbal left Shiv Sena. At that time he had 11 to 15 MLAs with him. Elections followed. If left alone, everyone else was defeated. Therefore, the possibility of this situation in the case of the rebels with Shinde cannot be ruled out, said senior leader Sharad Pawar.

Y in Mumbai. B. A meeting of NCP leaders was held at Chavan Center. After the meeting, Sharad Pawar, while commenting on the current political situation, told the BJP four things and told the rebels the history of the previous political situation.

While preaching to the rebellious MLAs along with Eknath Shinde, Sharad Pawar gave the example of Chhagan Bhujbal’s rebellion. He said, “I remember when Chhagan Bhujbal joined the Congress from Shiv Sena. He had 12-16 MLAs with him at that time. Elections were held after that. If he was left alone in that election, everyone else was defeated. It cannot be denied. “



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