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‘Until next time’: Volkswagen Polo bids farewell to India after 12 years MIGMG News



After 12 years of endless acceleration, German automaker Volkswagen has confirmed that the Polo will no longer be produced in India. The hatchback model was first launched in 2009 and has one of the most successful models in the country.

“The roads are beautiful but they end somewhere. After 12 years of endless acceleration it is time for me to hit the brakes,” the company wrote a personal account about the Polo race on Instagram.

“During the unforgettable time here, I’ve been to places, loved people, and been invited on trips I’d never dreamed of before. You know, when I arrived I was just a hatchback. But you made me feel more like a hatchback.”

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The company launched its limited-edition hatchback, the Polo Legend Edition, this week. Limited to 700 units, the model has been priced at 10.25 lakh rupees.

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