Uorfi (Urfi) Javed with Electric Wire Dress Video Viral | Only now! Is Urfi Javed wearing a dress or is his body wrapped in stars? MIGMG News



Mumbai: She’s not in the movies or in the series. Yet she is always popular. Everyone knew Urfi Javed because of Bigg Boss on OTT. Later, however, her fans continued to grow on social media. This is because of the fashions she is constantly doing. Even now Urfi has done weird fashion and that video has gone viral.

Urfi has shared a new video on his Instagram account. It shows her new incarnation. Urfi wrapped the stars around his body. At first she seems to be stuck in blue wires. She is then seen in the same stringed skirt and bralette. The video, which was shared some time ago, has received more than 29,000 likes.

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Urfi has written on it, this is a string. She is not cut anywhere. I think it’s a bomb. I will try many colors like this. I would love to. ‘ “For me, fashion is all about experimenting,” she says. Some are praising her, while others are criticizing her.

Alias ​​Javed was born in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. She was born on October 15, 1996. Urfi has assets worth about Rs 172 crore. She earns 2 to 5 million a month. She has over 3 million followers on Instagram.

Urfi always attracts everyone’s attention due to its colorful fashion. She is doing various experiments. But Urfi also does a great hairstyle. Of course, the credit goes to Geeta Jaiswal. A few days ago, bikini photos of Urfi went viral on social media. This is not the first time her bikini photo has gone viral. Urfi has yellow flowers on her bikini. Looks glamorous in these photos. She has been trolled by netizens as usual. Someone even said you look like a garden.

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